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Failien Hookah Bowl


The Failien Hookah Bowl is the result of 2 things. Many hookah smokers have asked me to bring back the original shape of the Alien Hookah Bowl. I fought that so much as I think the current Aliens have an excellent form to them. But, you guys know how much I like to satisfy and a few month back we attempted a batch of "V1" Alien bowls. The result was a fail in my opinion. But is it truly a fail? Well, for $13 maybe not. 

I gave out a few samples at the warehouse and asked for opinions and reviews. Here is one.

"This is Sean, I feel bad because I can't remember the name of the guy who gave me this bowl but its the new wide diameter small bowl (holds about 10g) and he asked if I would send in some feedback after using it.

This bowl is amazing and the best bowl I have used since getting my tangiers small bowl years ago. I smoked some Tangiers Dark Cherry, packed to the edge, heavy duty foiled covered with no holes poked over the stem, three titanium coals and as they die I added a windcover with no additional coals. I used my KM hookah with a narbish hose.

The bowl is a great width so you can get a lot of heat without burning and provided great clouds. Shisha burns evenly and is completely finished after one set of three coals. Gives me what I love which is heat and clouds with heat management being an afterthought due to its wide diameter. Its perfect for a quick smoke and I have already told a few of my hookah buddies to keep an eye out for it when it releases. Amazing quality product and if I ever need to replace my ****** bowl I will be looking at other HJ bowls.

Let me know if you want any more information. Thanks again, you guys are the best."


Oh, and did I mention the Failien is an excellent bowl for over packing drier shisha tobacco?


Here is another review that was sent to me:

We need to talk about the failien
And how it's not a fail
I've been solely smoking Tangiers out of it. Packed to the edge over the spire with Eric's foil-palm technique. Double layer of HD foil and a flavor saver, 3 titanium cubes.
I get about an hour and 15 minutes out of one round of coals (smoking solo that'd concludes my sessions) and it uses so little tobacco that I actually don't want to use any of my other bowls.
Because of the failien I haven't even touched my other shisha savers. Like the alien, Tangiers small, or the Goodfella.
So what you may not think is a good product, I think it's killer.



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