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Crown Quick Light Coals (100 count)


Crown Quick Light Coal Description

Crown hookah coals have a unique shape, and an interesting composition, that give you - the smoker - a number of benefits. The namesake of these 44mm wide coals - the coal's crown shape - allows heat and air to flow freely, allowing for a smooth pull and even heat distribution. The Crown coals are quick to light, getting you ready for your next smoke session as quickly as you can pack a bowl! But don't worry about artificial accelerators, these coals are organic in their make-up. Composed of organic European wood materials, and with the quick light achieved through use of organic & food-based ingredients, these coals are as natural as they come. 


How to use Crown Coals

Each box of Crown Coals contains 10 rolls, with 10 coals in each roll. Light each quick light Crown coal over an open flame - Never on a stove top - and take several minutes to let the coal fully light. One of the best features, these Crown hookah coals are very dense compared to other quick-light coals, and are designed to last up to 60 minutes! More smoking, less moving to get new charcoals.


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