It's that time when we kick off the holiday season.

We came back from Hookah Expo Worldwide and have some great things in store for you in 2022, but first, we need to clear the warehouse.


That is the code you need to apply for the following products:

Overdozz Hookahs these are great pipes, and even better with a 25% discount.

SAOCCAKnurl and Flaca These are HookahJohn creations, and I think every hookah smoker should have them. Now is your chance.

DSH Eco hookahs, these were a hit at HEW and attendees really took advantage of the sale price we had there, so we want to extend it to those who couldn't make it.

The HookahJohn SoSo Lounge Hookah Hose This is one of the best hoses available regarding price, performance and quality. It's Russian made, and what we use at our lounge, HKH Unwind. You don't just want one, you NEED one.

MAESTRO Coal Burner this is a new burner that does the job and looks good at the same time.

Gemini Bowls, this brand was a hit at Hookah Expo Worldwide, and sold out of their revolutionary bowls.

Syndicate Hookahs, a new one from the Ukraine that we fell in love with in house.

Finally, ALL Werkbund products, Werkbund is one of my favorite brands to come from Russia, which is due to the blood sweat and tears they put into their work.

There is so much to take advantage here, so we hope you enjoy.

How long will this sale last? That's a good question, a couple of days at least, but that will depend on you.