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Starbuzz Hookah Bases

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This is a complete (hose, base, bowl) grommet set from Starbuzz made specifically for the Starbuzz USA hookah stems. This will work on other brands of hookahs and bases, however, other hookah sizes vary. These are very flexible and work well for many brands. ****Colors may vary from clear, blue or red.****

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This 28 cm glass vase has been designed to perfectly complement our Starbuzz® USA Hookah stems. They will also fit onto most traditionally-made hookah stems. Starbuzz® Premium Glass Vases come in 10 bold, painted-glass colors, each with a frosted, ornamental smoke pattern.   These Starbuzz Preimum Bases measure:   Opening  1.7/8 in Height 11.5 in Width 6 in

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A prestigious line of thick-walled, heavy-weight, and delicately designed Starbuzz® glass.  Measuring 11.8" tall, these stylish vases can compliment a wide variety of traditionally made stems, and are a great addition to our Made in USA hookahs.