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Other Hookah Bases

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Al Fakher glass bases are beautiful replacement bases for any standard size Egyptian or modern hookah. Available in four colors, Amber, Green, Clear, and Blue, and emblazoned with the Al Fakher logo, you can be sure to support your favorite company in style. The base measures at 12 inches tall, and has an opening of 2 inches.      


The Glass Might bases are yet another option for smaller and Russian hookahs, and these are pretty heavy for their size. 10 inches in height.

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The NEO LUX GLASS VASE is one of the most unique shaped vases for hookahs that we have seen. Although made in Germany, this fits well on Russian hookahs as well.   Height – 10in

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The Shika Jumbo Bases are perfect for Egytian hookahs, but check your dimensions. These are 12 tall with a 2 inch opening.


The Shika Mini Jumbo Bases are perfect for small hookahs, but check your dimensions. These are 11 tall with a 1.5 inches opening.


These bases fit many Russian and other small hookahs. Durable heavy duty glass. Vintage design. Different colors 10 inches