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Other Hookah Bases

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Standard Replacement Hookah Base.12 inches tall with a 1.9 inch opening.


These replacement bases are made by Shika and have the same nice designs and color you've come to expect from them. These are standard size "bell" bases, and should fit all of your traditional and modern hookahs that are of average size. As always, if you purchase a stem and a base at the same time, we will fit the...

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These are replacement vases from Shika, which use the same manufacturer as Khalil Mamoon. The diameter of the opening is 3.7cm or 1.75 inches, which fits a size 29 vase gasket. If you are needing and buying a KM base grommet for this ask in the special instructions for a #29 base grommet. They are 12 inches high.They fit Khalil...