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Nakhla Shisha Tobacco

The undisputed kings of Traditional Hookah tobacco Nakhla Shisha Tobacco is a brand that has been thriving for over 100 years. If you are interested in smoking something that is close to 'tradition' as can be, Nakhla Hookah Tobacco is for you. With a rustic thick cut, heavy tobacco undertones, and very basic although very complex flavors Nakhla is the absolute standard when it comes to shisha. Available in several different lines Nakhla Hookah Tobacco allows you to taste both tradition and the modern take on tradition, give them a try today.



Nakhla 250g, including Regular, Sherazade, Mizo and Fakhfakina Lines


The original shisha that made shisha a worldwide craze, kind of....

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Nakhla ICE GROUP. This line has just hit the US in October of 2012. This new line by Nakhla is soon going to be one of your favorites brands. The New Line of Nakhla flavors are also included here. 250g


Nakhla has finally brought Mizo in 50 grams to the US Hookah Market.

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This is the new line of Nakhla flavors. They have revamped their formula with new packaging. 250g.

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These are the Newest flavors released ny Nakhla hookah shisha tobacco. They come in a carton of 10x50g packs. They were made first available in the US 7/29/2011 to Be the first to try these. 500g may sound like a great commitment however, check out the limited pricing. If you get the multipack you will receive 2x50g of each...

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The great Nakhla shisha comes in KILO CANS in limited flavors. The cans are supposed to be wetter than the traditional boxes.