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Mazaya Shisha Tobacco

Mazaya is famous for their Coals and now their tasty traditional style Mazaya Shisha which is available now in 250g sizes. A delicious treat akin to al Fakher, Mazaya Shisha has a pretty good bang for its buck and you wouldn't be let down to give it a shot.
- 7%
$13.99 $14.99

Our Mission StatementWe strive to manufacture, distribute and sell thefinest quality of natural tobacco and herbalingredients in order to position ourselves as theconsumers’ first choice when it comes to the finesttobacco molasses, herbal molasses and theunique hookah (shisha). Our visionAs we grow, we aim to be the leadingprovider of innovative tobacco andhookah technology.Dedicated to excellence in every area of our...