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Lavoo Hookah Tobacco

With a fairly fine cut that is neither too dry nor too juicy, Lavoo Shisha Tobacco provides a stellar smoking experience for those who don't want too much nicotine yet still crave clouds and flavor. Lavoo Shisha Tobacco is designed to be easy to handle and use while lasting for as long as possible. With a light nicotine buzz in comparison to most other shishas, Lavoo Shisha Tobacco is perfect for those with a sensitivity to higher nicotine, or just want to enjoy the flavor without a heavy buzz.
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The new Heritage line by Lavoo features more bold flavors than their original line. this is a dark leaf fine-cut tobacco that's incredibly flavorful despite the appearance of being under juiced. The tobacco notes come through in the smoke, but don't overpower the flavors themselves. If you like the original Lavoo, give this a shot. 200g

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Lavoo Hookah Tobacco is a robust smoke and is packed with flavor. If you like your hookah tobacco on the stronger side of the nicotine spectrum then this tobacco is right for you. The tobacco consists of a finer cut leaf which is not too juicy nor too dry. This hand blended tobacco has all the characteristics to give you...