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Khalil Mamoon Tri-metal Hookahs

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The Khalil Mamoon Oxide Trimetal Hookah is part of a new line by KM Hookahs. These are more solid, heavy, and ornate than previous versions. The Hookah comes with a KM BLACK base NOT PICTURED, hose, a newly designed ornate tray, tongs and cleaning kit. This model stands 34 inches tall. For a better look check out this video.

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The Khalil Mamoon Americana is a traditional and beautiful trimetal hookah. This hookah stand about 36". Khalil Mamoon hose Khalil Mamoon Stamped tray and stem Tongs, Cleaning Brush, Grommets, Bowls

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This is an ornate hookah by Khalil Mamoon that stands 32 inches tall. This beautiful stainless steel hookah has gold and copper trim that gives it traditional character. Included are: Tongs Cleaning brush Egyptian clay hookah bowl 72" KM Hookah Hose