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Khalil Mamoon Chrome Hookahs

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This Khalil Maamoon Exotica Jr stands 28 inches tall and is a great value. Comes as a complete set with bowl, base, tongs, hose and all grommets. Hose may vary.

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This Khalil Maamoun single black Pear is the best looking KM in my opinion, comes with a Khalil Mamoon hose, tongs, cleaning brush set, base protector and bowl. Khalil Mamoon makes traditional Egyptian hookahs. Shape of Pear may vary

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This is an ornate hookah by Khalil Mamoon that stands 32 inches tall. This beautiful stainless steel hookah has gold and copper trim that gives it traditional character. Included are: Tongs Cleaning brush Egyptian clay hookah bowl 72" KM Hookah Hose