Chronic Natural Hookah Coals Home Lounge Box - Flats - 448ct

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 These are the 2015 edition, and have been checked for quality control.

Chronic Hookah HOME LOUNGE BOX 448ct.

This box is perfect in so many ways.

If you are like me you go through alot of coconut charcoal.

If you are like me you will not sacrifice quality to save a few bucks.

However, other competing brands are tempting us with low priced coconut coal. I know you have made the mistake of getting cheap coconut coals, only to regret it during your miserable hookah session.

Hookahjohn is here to help.

This new brown box is a money saver, yet, it will not make you feel like you cheaped out on quality. I did skip out on the fancy packaging, but you don't really need that, do you?

Over 4 kilograms of Chronic Hookah Natural Hookah Charcoal, the undisputed King of Hookah Charcoal, for a low price that beats out the cheap imitators.


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