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Hookah Tongs

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These are probably the best tongs I have seen in years.7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

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Headquarters Hookah Aluminum Tongs. These are made from aerospace aluminum. Great quality, great design, must have.   Check them out breifly in this video:


Hookah Tongs and Poker Set Just get one, you know you need it.

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This Hookah Tongs with attached Poker is 6 inches long.


These new tongs by Al Fakher are your standard tongs with a twist. An ergonomic wooden handle on either side takes these tongs from basic to beautiful. Available in a short or a long variety, you can be proud to show these tongs off.      

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You'll wonder why you lived without it. The Fumari Poker was first created for the Fumari Hookah Lounge. They needed the perfect tool to quickly poke precise holes in foil. It's still used today poking holes in every bowl packed in their lounge. It's a must have accessory for any hookah smoker.