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Many of you love and are familiar with the Harmony Bowl by HookahJohn.

You've noticed a bit of a change over the years to the shape and form of it.

There are several reason for this, however, We did some market research and it seems as though many of you want to go back to the old shape and form.

After months of trying to come up with a Harmony as close to the old ones as we could, and coming up with great color schemes, we present to you the Retro Harmony Bowl.

Now, check out these latest colors:


Customer Reviews

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Umar Farooq
Good bowl

I like this bowl.

Sergei Tsepliaev
best taste

This is the best bowl I've smoked. best taste

Best Bowl on the market

It took a while to get a harmony bowl in germany, but 2 and a half years ago i got my hands on my first harmony bowl and i really loved it.
After 2 and a halb year of "daily" use I got me a new retro harmony and i am again satisfied!
I can recommend it with aluminiumfoil or with a hmd. for me a kaloud lotus+ and a fluffy packing runs best.
Had quite a few bowls before but the harmony is my go to and it lasts longer than a few of the russian competitors, cause i own all of them as well.
So a big thank you for this great bowl, will always be my goto for a great shishasession.

#1 Hookah Bowl

It’s #1, not much more needs to be said

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