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Hookafina Hookah Tobacco

Hookahfina has been around for a while and that is due to the fact that is a simple yet solid brand packed with some interesting gems. Hookafina Hookah Tobacco is offered on our site in their BLAK leaf hand made batches and in their Lemonade Stand signature line. With a nice variety left to choose from now is your best chance to dig in and try some Hookafina Hookah Tobacco.
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Hookafina BLAK Batch #3 is the best batch yet. It is a totally revamped formula which kicks up the flavor and reduces the tobacco undertones while still providing the awesome buzz we all know and love from Hookafina BLAK. The tobacco cut is finer and easier to manage and is naturally colored by the molasses used in the process. Originating...

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The latest line from Hookafina! Check out these great summertime blends. 250g.