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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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    Kaloud Lotus II

    This is the latest version which is matte. The Kaloud Lotus II® is a Heat Management Device that was designed and engineered to regulate the transfer of heat from charcoal to...

    5 PACK of The HookahJohn Hookah Flavor Saver

    Get 5 Flavor Savers for 1 low price! The HookahJohn Hookah Flavor Saver is the most simple hookah accessory you will ever use. It simply makes a quarter inch gap between...

    The HookahJohn Hookah Flavor Saver

    $9.99 $5.99
    The HookahJohn Hookah Flavor Saver is the most simple hookah accessory you will ever use. It simply makes a quarter inch gap between your coals and foils. You will never scorch...

    Kaloud Lotus Plus Hookah Heat Management System

    $59.99 $49.95
    The new Kaloud Lotus Plus heat management system is here and we're just as excited as you are. The original Kaloud Lotus completely revolutionized the way we enjoy our sessions today and now things...

    AppleOnTop Provost Heat Management version II

    $29.99 $26.99
    This is the new "brushed" metal version, which was released in October 2016.   The AppleOnTop Provost is the perfect accessory to the AppleOnTop bowl. It sits atop the AppleOnTop...


    Fumari's precut, 50-sheet hookah foil pack saves valuable smoking time by cutting out the need to size and slice ordinary kitchen foil. The foil is encased in a collectible metal...

    Sahara Smoke Foil Roll

    This Sahara Smoke Foil Roll will keep your bowls foiled for a long time to come. Standard foil on a smaller sized roll perfect witdh for all bowls, simply take as...

    NameLess TablettSmoke

    TablettSmoke — The best choice for anyone who who want togive up on aluminum foil, but still want toremain true to the traditional.
    Sold Out
    MYA Bevel + Fornello
    Dark Blue
    Dark Green
    Light Blue

    MYA Bevel + Fornello

    $28.99 $14.97
    The MYA Bevel and Fornello Heat manager are allow for the perfect hookah session.


    Outside diameter – 75mm Inside diameter – 65 mm Height – 34mm The minimum diameter of the bowl – 55mm Useful depth – 30mm

    ZOMO Strong Foil

    $5.99 $4.99
    ZOMO went quality with this foil. 6x6 inches, and thicker than HD foil, but not thick enough to be too heavy. Probably the best heavy duty foil around. 50 sheets...

    Quasar 2

    The unique thermic head. After shaking up the hookah world with its first patented thermic head technology which fused a bowl with a heat management system, Quasar returns with an...
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