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Fruition Shisha Tobacco

Fruition Shisha Tobacco is both tasty and long lasting, which is something you wouldn't really expect from a lesser known brand. Spending years focused on creating the most delicious true-to-life shisha flavors possible, Fruition Shisha sets a nice standard for what you should expect out of your shisha tobacco. With nearly 50 flavors in total, Fruition Shisha is sure to have a flavor that you will love, I highly suggest giving it a shot today!
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An explosion of incredible fruit flavors and fun taste, Fruition is your quality shisha tobacco brand of choice. Each flavor in Fruition’s rich variety has been carefully created. Tailored to optimally meet your taste, Fruition seamless reflects your preferences and puts an American spin on the timeless Middle Eastern shisha tradition. Fruition is not only about insanely good flavors. It’...