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It starts with the highest quality tobacco available in the United States. Select tobacco leaves are the foundation necessary to produce Azure’s Premium Hookah Tobacco. Our skilled artisans demand quality ingredients from beginning to end to ensure your experience exceeds expectations and satisfies even the most demanding hookah enthusiasts.
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Gold Line Premium hookah tobacco artfully crafted for the hookah connoisseur. Utilizing only the finest tobacco available, Azure hookah tobacco will satisfy even the most demanding hookah aficionado. We proudly bring you a premium quality and perfectly flavored tobacco made in America. premium quality tobacco handcrafted made in America


Our Black Line premium hookah tobacco is masterfully crafted using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. The finest blend of dark tobacco and molasses is skillfully cooked in small batches to ensure each one delivers a perfectly strong smooth flavor. Black line is reserved for only the boldest of hookah enthusiasts. premium quality dark tobacco handcrafted in...

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Azure has changed the game with a new type of hookah tobacco. This blend is strictly premium cigar tobacco, made for hookah. It has hints of chocolate and vanilla. Use it alone, or as a mixer.