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Introducing the first and only 100% Canadian hookah stem! After a tough year of pandemic chaos that shook the world cold resulting in multiple collapsed economies, Oxide Hookah from Canada decided to do something that would spark a change! We thought hard and came up with multiple ideas. One of them turned out to be something special! Enter the Libano Hookah stem! This is the first ever and only Canadian made hookah on the market. They wanted to help strengthen their nation's economy as much as they could through developing a product locally and supporting other small business in our community

100% Canadian First Time EVER!

OK, so you have watched the live video I did 2/15 on HookahJohn Circle of Friends, right?

We have 2 issues, well they are my issues to deal with.

First, we got a batch of DeCanter II bases that came in a bit short. (Don’t worry, if you buy a DeCanter base alone it will not be a shorter one)

Second, we have a great hookah that just didn’t sell, The Oxide Libano Hookah, Made in Canada. Those hookahs were listed at $289, stem and tray only.

I need to move these, that’s my issue. Do you care? How about if I take a huge loss and you can get them for $175 together?

Disclosures, you need a hose and a bowl, so how about picking up a SoSo hose, eh? Maybe another HookahJohn bowl for your collection, right. Also, these DeCanters are too short for most hookahs, but it will fit the Oxide Libano.

I hope you enjoy this deal and take advantage of it.


The Libano stem is designed out of the finest materials sourced from pure resources. This is an elegant and modern design shisha that outperforms many other hookahs on the market. Materials used to manufacture this hookah are the following.

Libano Hookah Stem Material

Stainless Steel Upper Stem & Hookah Downstem
Stainless Steel Tray
Stainless Ports (Hose, Purge & Bowl)
Aero Grade Anodized Traditional Chamber


Hookah Stem Features

Being the first ever hookah water pipe manufactured in our nation, we had to go all out and ensure that the simplest design performed at its maximum and beyond. The following features follow below.

  • Designed and assembled in Canada
  • Balanced draw for full flavor smoking shisha sessions
  • Compatible with all types hookah bowls
  • Hose port attaches to all major silicone hoses
  • Built in diffuser
  • Fits shisha vases sizes medium or large
  • Residue resistant
  • Currently available in three finishes (Black, Silver, Gold)


Total Stem Length 20 inches (Without Base Assembled)
Base Entry Diameter 1.6 Inches
Downstem  6.3 Inches (assembled)
Stem Inner Diameter 0.62 Inches


What's Included?

With your new Libano STEM the following pieces are included: 

  • Hookah Stem (Upper & Downstem with diffuser)
  • Smoke Chamber (Color of your choice)
  • Charcoal Tray
  • Hose Attachment
  • Purge ball bearing

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