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Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco

One of the kings of the shisha tobacco world nearly everyone who knows what a hookah is, knows exactly who and what al Fakher Shisha is. One of the oldest and longest thriving hookah tobacco brands in existence, al Fakher Hookah Tobacco continues to stand the test of time by providing the ultimate modern yet traditional tobacco blends on the planet. Hundreds of flavors to choose from across 3 different product lines makes it easy to give al Fakher Shisha Tobacco a try, you will defiantly find a new favorite.
- 8%
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Al Fakher shisha tobacco is made in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the more well known brands of tobacco in the Middle East.This mid to high-grade tobacco has a consistent flavor and is well known for the smoothness of its smoke. This kilogram tub will make up to 30-45 hookah bowls, depending on the size of your bowl. ...

- 7%
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  Al Fakher is a well-known and established brand in the hookah space. Well known for their fruit flavors and their mint, there's a reason that Al Fakher Shisha is enjoyed worldwide. What ever you're in the mood for, Al Fakher has something to suit everybody's taste.          

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Al Fakher Golden molasses has a finer cut blending the different ingredients together. This makes the product juicier and more wholesome helping you pack a more condensed bowl which brings out the various layers of their premium range.